SWAMHE WEB DESIGN Company is a subsidiary of  SWAMHE. The employee  training emphasis is ultimately customers satisfaction.  We are staffing currently 4 scrum teams working on daily basis with our clients.

We offer an extensive variety of advanced digital marketing and web improvement arrangement. Our administrations additionally offer website design, online or social media networking advertising, SEO etc.exclusively for Bangalore real estate developers and builders.

We are strong marketing  team  and develop website only to known clients and their reference. We have only recieved work based on reference through word of mouth by existing customers


1. Transparency: Using Agile, clients have the opportunity to be involved in the project – from prioritizing its features to iteration planning, reviewing the sessions to building new features.

2. Allows Change: Teams have the opportunity to constantly re-prioritize and refine the overall product backlog. Changes that need to be implemented or fresh ideas can always be planned for the next iteration. This gives the team the opportunity to introduce more changes within the week.

3. Stakeholder Engagement: Agile gives out multiple opportunities for team and stakeholder engagement – during, before, and after every Sprint.

4. Early and predictable delivery: Using time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints of 1-4 weeks, the new features are delivered quicker and more frequently, with a higher level of predictability.

5. Improving Quality: Breaking down the project into manageable units allows the project team to focus on high-quality testing, development, and collaboration. Producing more frequent builds and conducting more tests and reviews during every iteration makes sure that quality is improved.

6. Focus on Users: To define their product criteria, Agile is known to use their customer stories with their business focused acceptance criteria. Because each feature is focused on the need of the user, it doesn’t just deliver components but also value.

7. Focuses on Business Value: Allowing the client to determine the priority of the features, the team understands what is important to the blue jeans client and can therefore deliver these features which in turn provide more business value.

Note: We are focused currently on assignments of existing customers and reference through our existing clients. Sorry for the inconvenience caused now.

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